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“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.”

Are you tired and frustrated of looking for proposals? 

Since 2015, Single Muslim Events INC has hosted matrimonial events. We do Not offer services for people looking to date, we are strictly a matrimonial events service.

At our events, potential candidates come and get a chance to meet 100 plus candidates, and of course, parents are welcome to attend!

In many communities, the traditional method of having a potential proposal visit you and your family at your house has become frustrating and fruitless! You show them courtesy and hospitality with food and a great evening, only to later find out, they rejected your son or daughter for reasons like;

– Income

– Educational Background 

– Living at home

– Dowry 

– Facial features (shape of nose, forehead, body, skin color, etc.) all that misery with just one marriage proposal!

We have seen this cycle repeating causing a lot of pressure and depression to the guy or girl. That’s why we are here. We understand and we want to help.

At our SME events, we take all that stress out! You and your family get to meet 100+ candidates for your loved one all in just 3 hours! And even better, you don’t have to face any rejections, we will approach candidates on your behalf and ask them if they also felt a connection!

All candidates are pre-screened and we make sure that only well educated, settled and well qualified people are among the participants.

All you have to do is set aside a few hours and attend one of our events! The evening includes subsections in which there are:

* Group talk sessions

* 3 to 5 minutes; one on one sessions

* Raffles

* Family intro sessions

* Free Gifts & Vouchers

* Buffet dinner and free time to socialize. And a lot more!

People from age group 24-35 & 35-48, single / divorced / widowed are most welcome to join. We have different sections for different age groups.

Thank you for reading the About Us section and hope to see you at one of our events soon.

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Ask Question?

Please find following answering to your questions you may have about the event.

All attendees of our events are pre-screened and are from a particular ethnicity and religious background.

  • This isn’t a casual dating / hook-up event platform.
  • We request you to kindly register online. Once your profile gets approved then only you may proceed with the payment.
  • There is an entry fee for the Event which includes; 60-100 marriage proposals, free buffet, refreshments, free vouchers, lucky draw, free gifts, and matrimony services.
  • Parents / Siblings can also participate with a minimum cost which includes; free buffet, refreshments, meet & greet with all marriage proposals.
  • You can make the payment through Debit/Credit. All payments are in advance. This is only to confirm your attendance so we can shortlist the candidate’s profile as per your requirements and make sure you meet the right people at the event.
  • Event fee is non-refundable if canceled or not showed up for any reason.

Thanks for your kind consideration and hope to see you all soon.

You can pay through Credit/Debit.

You may require to bring your booking confirmation details after making the payment online.

Candidates who are looking for marriage are allowed to come with their Parents / Guardians or Siblings.

Prices are subject to change depending on the venue. All prices are always posted on the event page.

Children under 18 are generally not admitted. To book ticket please visit www.smematrimony.com

Early Bird Discount

30% Off for the first 20 members. Event prices may increase before the date of the event.

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3 Months Validity

0 An Advisor will show you proposals.

0 We will arrange meetings for you with the families.

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6 Months Validity

0 An advisor will show you proposals.

Connect directly with Matches online.

We will arrange meetings for you with the families.

View detailed Profiles.

An-online access will be provided.



Platinum Package



Life-Time Validity

0 We will show you proposals until you get married.

An online access will be provided.

We will arrange meetings for you with the families.

Connect directly with Matches online.

View detailed Profiles.

Send or reject proposals online.

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